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Subject: Re: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.2-v7-03-0531 (OpenDocument-v1.2-v7-03-0531.odt) uploaded

patrick@durusau.net wrote on 06/01/2008 04:24:20 PM:

> Greetings!
> I have finally finished the first pass review of all the attributes in ODF
> 1.2 (current attributes, this doesn't account for attributes to be added).
> I have inserted numerous comments and observations concerning the
> attributes and possible changes to the text.
> These are my comments only and if and when they become positions of the TC,
> they will be marked as TODO or with similar language.

We should get a mechanism in place to address your TODO items.  Obviously, a dump of 100's questions at once would not accomplish much.  But if we can dribble them in, like we do with the public comments, taking 5 or so at each TC call, then we can start processing them in parallel.

I'm sure TC members have noticed the transition in recent months, as more of the TC call time is spent on ODF 1.2 "mopping up" work, and less time spent on discussions of new features.  This is natural and expected.  But I don't want to lose any momentum on ODF 1.3 and beyond.  So if there are members on the TC with the interest and drive to start outlining possible ODF 1.3 features, then this is something that could happen in parallel.  We probably won't want to take any time in TC calls for this subject, but it is something that could be done on the list, or in a subcommittee.  What are the big themes for ODF 1.3?  What referenced standards have been updated?  What new standards should we be integrating?  How can we move forward on our primary strengths?  How can we address our weaknesses?


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