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Subject: proposal; Amend fo:letter-spacing

Hello TC,

In ODF the letter spacing attribute specifies the amount of space between 
letters. This is the way that XSL does things and this is fine for things 
like webpages.
Unfortunately for DTP applications this is not really what is expected. The 
spacing between characters in DTP is not a static value, it is a percentage 
value.  Basically when you have an 'm' the spacing adjustment is wider than 
when you have an 'i'.
In KOffice we intend to use the percentage based letter spacing adjustment and 
we were surprised reading the spec (and trying out OOo) that this is not 
possible.  Would it be possible to adjust the spec to also allow percentage 
based values?

Which would add the <ref name="percent"/> and we end up with the following;

<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
        <attribute name="fo:letter-spacing">
                <ref name="length"/>
                <ref name="percent"/>

Thomas Zander

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