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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call draft minutes 2008-06-09

OpenDocument TC coordination call draft minutes 2008-06-09

* Called to order at 10:045 EDT

* Rollcall

Rob Weir, IBM (Presiding)

Mingfei Jia, IBM
Patrick Durusau, Individual
David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
Warren Turkal, Google

8 of 11 voting members being present, a quorum was achieved.

Membership changes:

Doug Mahugh (Microsoft) has joined the TC as of Friday.  Today is his first call.  In accordance with OASIS TC Policy section 2.4, new members achieve voting rights "at the close of the second consecutive Meeting attended by the Member".  

Also, Ma Jun has missed two consecutive meetings, and has lost voting rights, which can be regained upon attendance of two consecutive meetings.

* TC Minutes of June 2nd 2008 were approved without objection (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200806/msg00024.html)

* Rob reviewed a proposed plan for moving forward on the ODF 1.0 errata document:

- Rob observed that we are processing around 4-5 public comments per week, and we have over 100 remaining.  Many of these are not errata candidates, but are proposals for new features.  Proposal is to close on the content of draft Approved Errata for ODF 1.0 by June 30th, and to move that forward in the approval process.  We can follow up with additional corrections if needed in 6 months.

1)  Patrick let's Murata-san know that we will soon be finalizing the errata document.  If Murata has any additional defects addressed, he should submit them by June 30th.  Defects received after that time will be considered for a Approved Errata in 6 months.  (Action item for Patrick -- at his discretion whether to notify Murata-san directly of this plan and request, or to do so via liaison statement to SC34) (Action item for Rob -- let the ODF comment list know of this plan)

2)  Rob will update the comment spreadsheet,  to bring this up to date.  This has been done and posted.  It can be downloaded from the link here:  http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200806/msg00034.html

3) TC members should nominate any of the comments that they believe should be addressed in the Approved Errata document, and send the comment number, along with a draft proposed correction to the ODF TC list by by June 30th.  The comments nominated by TC members will be discussed in TC calls before any other public comments are discussed.

4) We will then augment the current draft errata prepared by Patrick with whatever additional material we receive by June 30th, plus the ODF 1.0 (Second Edition) changes.

5) We then will take two weeks to get the additional errata into the draft, targeting July 14th for having this draft ready to review by the TC.,

6) One week following that, July 21st,  we can have a vote to approve as a Committee Draft (Full Majority Vote) and to affirm that there are no "substantive changes" (another Full Majority Vote).

7) We then will have Mary send it out for a 15-day public review

8) If there are no public comments received, then we can do directly to a Committee Specification ballot (Special Majority Vote in 7-day electronic ballot), but if there is at least one public comment (which is likely), we cannot have that ballot open until 7 days after the end of the public review period.  There are also administrate delays in setting up the public review and with creating the ballot.  So optimistically, if we request the ballot on July 21st, we might not have a Committee Specification ballot concluded until the August 11th TC call.

9) At the August 11th call we will take the Committee Specification and declare it to be Approved Errata by Full Majority Vote.

10) We send that Approved Errata to SC34, and update our website accordingly.

* Review of action items in Kavi

* It was decided not to have a vote today on David Wheeler's YEARFRAC proposal, but to put this off while the TC considers some additional information to be provided by Doug.  Action item for Doug.

* Further review of public comments

- public comments 15-29 reviewed

25 - Rob to take action item to develop proposed language
26 - Rob to take action item to break down into multiple questions
27 - Add to 1.3 proposed feature list
28 - Related to ODF 1.2 metadata -- Patrick takes action item to respond to submittor
29 - Rob to respond to submittor -- some progress in ODF 1.2, but not as formal as submittor suggested

* No items were ready to approve this week

The meeting was adjourned at 10:59 EDT

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