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Subject: Please use the formula subcommittee mailing list for formula specdiscussions

The OpenFormula specification has been submitted to the office technical committee (TC), so in theory, comments on the formula specification could be submitted to either the TC's mailing list _OR_ to the formula subcommittee's mailing list.

However, I propose that comments and discussion that are specific to JUST the formula specification should go to the formula subcommittee's mailing list (office-formula at lists.oasis-open.org), and NOT normally to the main office TC mailing list. That way:
* people who are NOT interested in the formula specification won't need to see those comments
* those who are ONLY interested in the formula specification can easily find those comments
* it will be easier to follow conversational threads (by being consistent about which mailing list to use) - including people want to go back and look at old discussions after-the-fact

If you want to raise an issue that affects something besides just formulas, then please DO post them in the TC mailing list or some other relevant mailing list (and if it's critical for formulas, 'cc' the formula subcommittee mailing list).

Anyway, that is my recommendation. Obviously, the TC chairs have the final say on this issue.  Please let me and the TC chairs know if there's a problem with this proposal.  Most people have been doing this anyway (informally), but I wanted there to be a clear statement about this.


--- David A. Wheeler

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