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Subject: Summer Holidays

It has been the ODF TC's practice to cancel our calls whenever they would be held on a day which was a national holiday in one of the countries where our TC members live.

I'd like to plan out, for the next few months.  

In the US, we have:

Labor Day:  Monday, September 1st
Columbus Day:  Monday, October 13th

Please post national holidays which occur on Monday (or where the holiday is a Tuesday and people traditionally take of the Monday as well).  In particular, I'm interested in what the situation will be like in Beijing during the Olympics.  Will businesses in Beijing, like IBM and RedFlag be open?




Rob Weir
Software Architect
Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software
IBM Software Group

email: robert_weir@us.ibm.com
phone: 1-978-399-7122

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