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Subject: Re: [office] Public comment #20 -- default print range in tables

Hi Robert,

On Sunday, 2008-06-29 15:56:53 -0400, Robert Weir wrote:

> [... "used area of the table" ...]
> We could define it as "The smallest rectangular range which contains all 
> cells with background color, formula, value, or border".
> But is that true?  Or do applications print the range from A1 (upper left) 
> to the row/column that encloses the furthest visible content?  In other 
> words, the smallest rectangular region which contains cell A1 and all 
> cells with  background color, formula, value, or border.

This is what Calc does. Printout doesn't have to start from A1 though.
If the top left data cell was X234 the printout could start there as
well. However, the top left cell is not necessarily printed on the top
left of the first page, page calculation is done as if empty pages were
printed, so the top left cell may as well reside in the middle of the
first page. Also, if there's only formatting without any data in cells,
pages are skipped to not end up with 1000 or so coloured pages just
because an entire column had some background colour applied.


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