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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2008-06-30

OpenDocument TC coordination call  minutes 2008-06-30

*Begin 10:04 EDT

* Rollcall

Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)

Bob Jolliffe, South Africa Department of Science and Technology
Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
Jun Ma, Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software
Ma Yue, IBM
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems

David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
David Faure, KDE

- 7 of 11 voting members were in attendance, so quorum requirements were met.

* Minutes of 6/23 call were approved (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200806/msg00086.html)

* Rob reported on the ODF 1.0 Errata status.  Today (6/30) is the deadline we gave for new content for this errata document.  No proposals have been posted to the list, and if we receive none by end of day, then we can consider the contents of the errata document to be closed, and Patrick may move forward on his final edits.

* Action Items

- Updated status reflected in Kavi.

- New action item for David Wheeler -- to clarify interaction of timezones and spreadsheet date/time values (action item #37)

* Proposals discussed

- Brief discussion regarding Rob's proposed TC Proposal standing rules (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/How_to_propose_a_change_or_addition_to_ODF).  Recommended more discussion on list prior to vote.

- Vertical relations -- Oliver having email problems, but will post additional information when resolved.

* Proposals approved

- Attribute Default values -- agreed to in principle.  Michael will work on the detailed text changes
-  Text overline -- agreed to in principle.  Safe for implementors to go foward with implementation.
-  correction and improvement of integration of"proposal for new reference formats for reference fields of type bookmark and reference" -- approved

*Adjourned 10:59

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