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Subject: Re: [office] Rules for handling parsing errors (was: proposal for ODF 1.2: extensionof verticalrelationvaluesfor certain anchor types)

On Friday 04 July 2008, Florian Reuter wrote:

> Options:
> a) Treat it as if the attribute was not there
> b) Try to preserve the value
> c) Treat is as if the attribute was there but overwrite the invalid value with a "default" value

d) Raise an error
e) Behavior is undefined
f) Behavior is application-defined

Today, an invalid attribute value makes the XML instance invalid, and documents with invalid XML instances are not conformant.  The ODF standard does not place any requirements on non-conforming documents.  So, I think e) is what the state of things is today.  

A robust application would probably do a) or c) (which I think are the same for reading, though may differ when the document is re-written).

If there was sufficient interest in defining requirements for a "robust ODF parser", then that is certainly something that could be defined in the standard, and conformance requirements associated with a "robust ODF parser".  But for it to be meaningful I think you would want to take a comprehensive view of the problem, not just unknown attributes.



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