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Subject: Re: [office] Fw: Proposal: Add multiple cell ranges support to Data Pilot

Thans Kohei and Mei Fei for your discussion.

It's a good point. The first thought came to me, same as Kohei, was to replace the existing attribute "table:source-cell-range" with the "table:source-cell-ranges". However there would be compatibility problem -- the existing files created by ODF 1.1 processor can not be read correctly by ODF 1.2 processor. Therefore I chose to approach to add one new attribute, and say in the spec that to new ODF 1.2 processor, we would suggest to use the new attribute only. I'm still open to more discussion here.

I added the definition for "table-source-cell-ranges-attlist" in the updated form.

Best Regards,
Helen Yue


Yue Zhi Yu  |
 Manager of User Experience & Applications, Lotus Symphony |  yuezhiyu@cn.ibm.com

From: Kohei Yoshida <kyoshida@novell.com>
To: Zhi Yu Yue/China/IBM@IBMCN
Cc: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: 07/03/2008 10:54 PM
Subject: Re: [office] Fw: Proposal: Add multiple cell ranges support to        Data Pilot

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 15:57 +0800, Zhi Yu Yue wrote:

> 8.9.3 <table:source-cell-ranges>
> If the source of a data pilot table is a list of cell ranges, the
> <table:source-cell-ranges> element contains information about the cell
> ranges and how the data pilot table gets the data from the ranges.
> Before the source data is processed by the data pilot data, a filter
> may be applied to it. This filter has to be specified by a
> <table:filter> child element.
> <define name="table-source-cell-ranges">
>         <element name="table:source-cell-ranges">
>                 <ref name="table-source-cell-ranges-attlist"/>
>                 <optional>
>                         <ref name="table-filter"/>
>                 </optional>
>         </element>
> </define>

I don't see the definition of table-source-cell-ranges-attlist.  I
believe that's an accidental omission.

More importantly, if we can change the existing table:cell-range-address
attribute to allow a list of cell range addresses, instead of just one
cell range like it currently allows, then we won't need to introduce a
new element to define multiple source ranges.  I personally like that
approach better because if we allow both <table:source-cell-range> and
<table:source-cell-ranges> as child elements of
<table:data-pilot-table>, then we would need to specify a desired
behavior if both <table:source-cell-range> and
<table:source-cell-ranges> are given.  IMO limiting to just allowing one
of these elements, instead of allowing both would be a better approach.

What are your thoughts on these points?


Kohei Yoshida - OpenOffice.org Engineer - Novell, Inc.

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