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Subject: Re: [office-accessibility] Re: [office] Proposal for Radio Button grouping

I created a Writer file in Symphony.   I used the wizard to create it, e.g. I did a drag and drop on the group box item in the form tool bar.  After that I turned off design mode.  The ODF structure looks like this:

  <form:frame form:name="GroupBox" form:id="control1" form:label="My Colors" form:for="control2,control3,control4" />
<form:radio form:name="RadioGroup1" form:id="control2" form:label="red" form:value="1">
<form:radio form:name="RadioGroup1" form:id="control3" form:label="blue" form:value="2">
<form:radio form:name="RadioGroup1" form:id="control4" form:label="green" form:value="3">
<draw:g text:anchor-type="as-char" draw:name="group object1" >
  <draw:control draw:control="control1" />
  <draw:control draw:control="control2" />
  <draw:control draw:control="control3" />
  <draw:control draw:control="control4" />

The a11y structure looks like this:
    GROUPING (name: My Colors), RADIOBUTTON (name: red), RADIOBUTTON (name: blue), RADIOBUTTON (name: green)

Each radio button has a "memberOf" realtion with the GROUPING object

Pete Brunet

IBM Accessibility Architecture and Development
11501 Burnet Road, MS 9022E004, Austin, TX 78758
Voice: (512) 838-4594, Cell: (512) 689-4155
Ionosphere: WS4G

Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg <Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM>
Sent by: Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM

08/06/2008 03:05 AM

Malte Timmermann <Malte.Timmermann@Sun.COM>
Bob Jolliffe <bobjolliffe@gmail.com>, office@lists.oasis-open.org, office-accessibility@lists.oasis-open.org, Richard Schwerdtfeger/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
[office-accessibility] Re: [office] Proposal for Radio Button grouping

Malte Timmermann wrote:
> +1.
> I also didn't understand the need for group names when the existing name
> can do the same. The name even doesn't have to be anything reasonable,
> since it's IMHO internally used only, nothing the user or AT must
> see/read. (A sighted user also won't see it when just using the form).
> If the user should see anything, it's then up to the author to provide a
> group box or something else, which then can have a name and description.

The ODF control for this is <form:frame>.
> Which leads me to the question: Very often you don't have group boxes
> anymore, but simply a label, maybe with some line.
> How can I specify that the label belongs to the group?

The label would be  a <form:fixed-text> element. It has an (optional)
attribute "form:for" which contains the ID of a control for which the
text is a label.

The same attribute is actually existing for the <form:frame> element
which defines a group box. Her, it can be used to spacify that the group
 box is the label for a set of radio buttons.

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