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Subject: Re: [office] Are all charts always backed by a table?

Hi Pete,

On Friday, 2008-08-01 16:29:31 -0500, Pete Brunet wrote:

> For accessibility purposes the AccSC needs to know if all ODF charts are 
> *always* backed by a table.  (Tables are accessible and easier to navigate 
> and interpret.)  Due to the use of the word "may" in sections 10.2 and 
> 10.3 of the spec, it's not clear that all charts are *always" backed by a 
> table.  Could someone please clarify this?  Does the text need to be 
> touched up?

For accessibility purposes it is not sufficient to read out the data of
one entire table. A chart may have several data series represented as
<chart:series> elements. Each series can point to a separate cell range
using the chart:values-cell-range-address attribute. Additionally, also
categories and other elements of a chart may point to individual cell
ranges not necessarily part of the same table nor adjacent.


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