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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2008-08-11

OpenDocument TC coordination call  minutes 2008-08-11

*Begin 10:00 EDT

* Rollcall

Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Jun Ma, Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software
Ming Fei Jia, IBM
Bob Jolliffe, South Africa Department of Science and Technology
David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Jomar Silva, OpenDocument Format Alliance

Also attending as observers:

Oliver Bell, Microsoft
Don Harbison, IBM

- 8 of 12 voting members were in attendance, so quorum requirements were 

Membership notes:

- With attendance of his first two consecutive meetings, Jomar Silva 
attains voting rights as of adjournment of this meeting

- The Chairs received on 8 August a request by Doug Mahugh for a Leave of 
Absence, according to OASIS TC Policy 2.6.  The request was for a Leave of 
Absence until 26 August.  Since the OASIS process states, "A Leave of 
Absence shall begin no earlier than seven days after the date upon which 
the request was delivered to the Chair of the TC", this Leave of Absence 
will be granted from 15 August until 26 August. 

* Adopting the agenda

Two changes proposed:

- Bob Jolliffe requested time for a brief discussion of his interest in 
discussing the digitial signature proposal with the OASIS Digital 
Signature Services TC. 

- Michael requested that agenda item #5, be removed from agenda, since it 
was the wrong proposal.

Both changes, and the resulting agenda were approved without objection.

* Minutes of the 4 August meeting were approved without objection (
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200808/msg00027.html )

* Action Item Review

- Current progress is in Kavi. 

* Digital Signatures

- Bob told the TC that he would like to talk to the OASIS Digital 
Signature Services TC on some items related to the XAdES proposal.

- Bob was assigned an action item to contact the DSS TC on this topic and 
to report back to the TC on what he found out 

* Processing of Public Comments

- The TC processed through comment #66 and assigned action items via Kavi 
for several items that required additional investigation

- Updated status is in latest revision of the Registry of Public Comments: 


*Adjourned 11:00

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