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Subject: OASIS ODF TC actions and progress on errata

To:  Secretariat & Members of JTC1/SC34

The OASIS OpenDocument TC recently has published a register of all 
known errata comments received by the TC to the OpenDocument v1.0 
specification, available at:

This is provided in concert with the previously-announced short 
public review period for the TC's draft errata document.  The draft 
under review is available at the URIs noted in the public review notice:


That public review solicits any further comments through 22 August. 
  However, it is our expectation that the OASIS TC already has noted 
and responded with a proposed disposition to all previously received 
comments.   It is for this reason that we call the comments log 
document to your attention.  We would appreciate any confirmation or 
comments that SC34 participants may wish to provide, regarding 
whether all known v1.0 errata comments, relevant to correction or 
minor maintenance of the v1.0 original standard, have correctly been 
identified.  Naturally, in some cases there may be issues that have 
been held by the committee for consideration in future releases 
(e.g., v1.2) rather than in a maintenance errata.

Kind regards  JBC

~ James Bryce Clark, Director of Standards Dev.
~ OASIS:  advancing open standards for the information society
~ http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark
~ +1 310 293 6739 GSM, +1 978 667 5115 x203 office
~   Join us at the OASIS Open Standards Forum on Security:
~   30 Sep. - 3 Oct. 2008 near London
~   http://events.oasis-open.org/home/forum/2008

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