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Subject: ODF Public Comment #65 - Copyright Footer on ODF 1.1


Hvae you referred the commenter to Appendix I of ODF 1.1?  It strikes me that it tells him exactly what he can do without negotiating a special license or having OASIS change the way they handle copyright.

 - Dennis

PS: The initial statement in comment #65 about what the copyright notice means is not exactly the case.  It simply asserts that the exclusive rights of copyright in the specification are claimed by OASIS Open.  It doesn't say anything about what OASIS Open is willing or not willing to allow, and Appendix I strikes me as a good (remarkably generous, as standards documents go) place to start with regard to already-licensed activities.  Appendix G of ODF 1.0 Second Edition cd1 and Appendix F of the original May 2005 ODF 1.0 are essentially the same but do not survive into IS 26300, surprise, surprise.
Dennis E. Hamilton
NuovoDoc: Design for Document System Interoperability 
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