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Subject: Help UOML, Help ODF

Dear TC members, 

I would like to get your attention that the ballot of UOML will end tonight.
Although we have got enough votes, we still expect the vote from ODF TC,
since besides helping open community to get rid of the monopoly by MS,
accomplishing interoperability among different documents format, good for
information sharing, UOML can help promoting ODF products.

Open Office's function is powerful enough for most user's requirement, but
interoperation problem block it from acquiring proper market share.  UOML
provides another way for document interoperation. By UOML way, exchanging
document is the same as exchanging paper. This way simplified the technical
problem to be resolvable and can meet most users(although not all users).'
requirement. In additional, UOML is an interface standard that can be
handled by small-mediu companies, easy to be widely adopted. In one word,
UOML is simple, reliable and meets market requirment. By UOML, Open Office
can edit OOXML with layout fidelity easily(under condition that don't modify
existing content, only append new content), and Red Office has implemented

I should appologize for our ignorance on IPR mode issue. At begining UOML TC
choose RAND mode, and get protest from ODF TC. We accepted your advice,
changed the IPR mode, discarded UOML TC, formed a new UOML-X TC with RF
mode. Now, the balloting UOML specification is under new IPR mode. SUN and
Red Flag have voted yes.

Since the ballot will end tonight, I hope you can vote righ now. Help UOML,
help ODF:

Thanks for your time. Welcome to Beijing for Open Office conference.

Best Regards,

Alex Wang
Chair Sursen Corp.

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