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Subject: Re: [office] New proposal: Additional chart option on handling ofhidden cells in a spreadsheet document.

Hi folks,

If there is no more questions, I'd like to request a vote on this
proposal during the call on Monday, October 13.

One problem is, I will not be able to attend the next TC call as I'll be
on vacation.  If my presence is required, I can shift the date to the
Monday after next Monday (October 20).  If not, then I'd like to keep
the date to October 13.

Let me know if there is any problem with this arrangement.

Best regards,

On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 11:47 -0400, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Based on our discussion during the last TC call, I have modified the
> proposal[1] to make two following modifications.
> 1) change the name of the new element from display-hidden-cells to
> include-hidden-cells.  I have also considered include-hidden-data, to
> make the name somewhat more generic by switching from using 'cells' to
> using 'data'.  But I have chosen to use 'cells' for this attribute to
> keep the name consistent with the names of other chart attributes such
> as treat-empty-cells.
> 2) add a default value of 'true' to the schema definition of
> 'include-hidden-cells'.
> With these, here is the new proposed change to the ODF spec:
> ---
> * Text changes/additions Section 16.16 <chart:chart-properties>
> (change) 
> The <style:chart-properties> element may have the following
> attributes: ... chart:include-hidden-cells 18.x, ... 
> * Text changes/additions Section 18.x chart:include-hidden-cells (new
> section) 
> The chart:include-hidden-cells attribute specifies whether or not data
> points in hidden cells are plotted in a chart. 
> This attribute can be used within styles that are applied to a
> <chart:plot-area> element. 
> Schema changes/additions 
> <define name="style-chart-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
>     <optional>
>         <attribute name="chart:include-hidden-cells" a:defaultValue="true">
>             <ref name="boolean"/>
>         </attribute>
>     </optional>
> </define>
> ---
> Thanks!
> Kohei
> [1] http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/New_Chart_Option_on_Hidden_Cells
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