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Subject: Re: [odf-adoption] ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 liaison statement

Le 9 oct. 08 à 17:49, James Bryce Clark a écrit :

> As you may know from a variety of sources, OASIS has received some  
> suggestions from SC34 about the future maintenance of ODF as ISO/IEC  
> 26300.  This is primarily about institutional rules, not the  
> substance of the specification.  We may choose to respond, are  
> completing a (second internal) possible draft response, and of  
> course will keep the TC advised.  Likely there will be more to talk  
> about within a few days.

Besides deciding wether ODF should be maintained by the SC 34, which  
in my humble opinion is an unecessary option, I wonder what kind of  
suggestions we should be discussing with the SC 34?

Best Regards,

Charles-H. Schulz
Associé / Founding Partner,
Ars Aperta

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