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Subject: RE: [office] ODF_1.0_Errata_4h - Adjustments


I made the following adjustments to Errata_4h, attached as ODF_1.0_Errata_draft4h-dh.odt:

A. For both entries for section 17.5, I reduced the font size of the instructions until the entire entry, including red-lining, is visible.

B. For 17.5 at 686-18 (OASIS ODF 1.0) and 699-17 (IS 26300) I replaced the remaining "must" in the new instructions with "shall."

C. For 17.5 at 686-13 (OASIS ODF 1.0) and 699-17 [sic] (IS 26300)

1. I changed the 699-17 to 699-12.

2. In the paragraph to be replaced, ODF 1.0 refers to section 5 of [RFC2396].  IS 26300 refers to section 6.5 of [RFC3987].  Also, the ODF 1.0 section uses URI throughout, including in its title and in the paragraph to be replaced.  The IS 26300 section uses IRI instead.  Finally, ODF 1.0 does not have references for either of [RFC3987] and [RFC3986].


3. I changed the paragraph to be replaced to have the IS 26300 text, not the ODF 1.0 text.

4. I indicated that the change is not to be made only to IS 26300 and not to OASIS ODF 1.0.
This becomes an accurate change for IS 26300:2006.  The change is not needed for OASIS ODF 1.0.

5. If we feel we need to make a comparable change in OASIS ODF 1.0, including switching from [RFC2396] to [RFC3986] and [RFC3989], we can do that later with a replacement for the entire section.  We can also revisit the use of the anyURI type from [xmlschema-2] (the 2001-05-02 
http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/REC-xmlschema-2-20010502/) which is tied to [RFC2396] and [RFC2732] (the latter providing for IPv6 literal addresses and not applying to relative-path references).  We can then decide how we want to regard the switch from URI to IRI as a breaking down-level change (or not).  I don't think we should hold up this errata with a struggle over that.      

 - Dennis

PS: I am concerned the leap in [RFC3987] section 1.2a is not all that clear-cut for anyURI and certainly not for string.  I think it is important to have a declaration that the URIs are mapped from IRIs, as 17.5 attempts starting with OpenDocument-v1.0ed2-cs1.

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From: patrick@durusau.net [mailto:patrick@durusau.net] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 08:20
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office] Groups - ODF_1.0_Errata_4h (ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_4h.odt) uploaded


I have uploaded the revised errata draft that includes the proposed changes
for 17.5.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


 -- Patrick Durusau*

The document named ODF_1.0_Errata_4h (ODF_1.0_Errata_draft_4h.odt) has been
submitted by Patrick Durusau* to the OASIS Open Document Format for Office
Applications (OpenDocument) TC document repository.

Document Description:
Errata draft for ODF 1.0

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