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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2008-12-08

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2008-12-08

* Begin 10:04 EST

* Rollcall

+Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)
+Ming Fei Jia, IBM
Ma Yue, IBM
Don Harbison, IBM
+Patrick Durusau, Individual
+David Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
+Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems
+Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
+Jun Ma, Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software
+Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
Eric Patterson, Microsoft
+Dennis E. Hamilton, Individual
+Florian Reuter, Novell

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name. 

- 11 of 12 voting members (92%) were in attendance, so quorum requirements 
were met.

Membership notes:

- Bob Jolliffe, South Africa Department of Science and Technology, is on a 
leave of absence

-  Eric Patterson will gain voting rights at the adjournment of today's 

* Agenda was approved by unanimous consent

* Minutes of the 1 December call were approved by unanimous consent

* The TC agreed to cancel the meetings of December 22nd and December 29th 
due to the holidays.

* The TC discussed the remaining work for ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 1.0. 
Patrick will prepare a revised version with updated title and page footer 
text, reflecting the approved status and approval date.  Dennis and 
Patrick also noted a production error where some styles necessary for 
understanding one or more of the errata items was not displaying properly.

* ODF 1.2 Approval Proposal

The TC approved, by unanimous consent, the following proposal, as amended 
from Michael's original proposal:

1. TC members can continue to make proposals according to our standing
rule, regardless whether these are for ODF 1.2 or a later version. That
is, these rules amend the proposal standing rule, but they do not
replace it.

2. Within TC calls, the discussion of proposals that are not for ODF 1.2
is deferred until all parts of the ODF 1.2 specification are submitted
for public review.

3. TC members can combine proposals for discussion and approval. These
may remain separate entries in the Wiki, but they would be treated like
a single proposal in the TC proposal process. This in particular means
that the total discussion time of item 5 applies to the combined
proposal, and not to the individual ones, and that there will be a
single vote for the combined proposal only.

4. TC members can indicate their wish to get a proposal included into
ODF 1.2 by sending an e-mail to the TC's mailing list. A formal proposal
must exist at this time. The proposal does not have to be complete by
that time.

*The latest date by which such request can be made is December, 10th.*

*The ODF 1.2 Wiki page is considered to be obsolete. Proposals must be
re-requested for inclusion in ODF 1.2 by e-mail.*

5. The total discussion time per proposal will be limited to 10 minutes.
That is, TC members can request one 10 minute discussion, but also, for
instance, two times a 5 minute discussion. TC members are encouraged to
discuss proposals on the mailing list in the first place.

6. *The last date by which a vote for a proposal can be requested is
January, the 7th.* Please note that according to our standing rule, the
proposal has to be discusses previously.

The following requirements must be met before a vote on the proposal can
be requested.
- The proposal contains the exact text that has to be added or changed
in the specification, including the affected sections.
- The proposal contains the requested schema changes, if necessary.
- The proposal is based on ODF 1.2 draft 7-11, or a later draft.
- A copy of the proposal does exist in the TC's document repository, or
on the TC's mailing list (this is required by the standing rule).
The TC shall not discuss a proposal that does not meet these requirements.

7. If more than 5 proposals are requested for inclusion into ODF 1.2,
then the TC will decide on one or more of the following options in its
call on December, the 15th.

a) The number of proposals per TC member is limited to a to be decided 
b) The discussion time per proposal is further restricted.
c) Additional calls are scheduled.
d) The dates of items 6 are adapted.
e) It is agreed that none of the requested proposals is included into ODF 
f) The voting members of the TC prioritize the proposals and choose the 
top 5.

* Adjourned at 11:06

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