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Subject: RE: [office] Approach to Disposition of Comments and Defect Reports


Regarding item 5,

I had been thinking that there would need to be a provisional response to
SC34 that indicated receipt and our first-pass assignment of classification
and disposition without actually have agreed on an errata item and
incorporation in any specific Errata or a newer specification, etc.  I
thought of this because of the time-limit for (initial) responses that JTC1
wants.  If having them track through our handling of public comments, that
certainly works for me.

I like the idea of having people able to check our Public Comments document
and see the status.  We need to distinguish between provisional
classifications made by someone (such as all of the red-lined and blue-lined
items in the current one that have not been reviewed by the TC as a whole),
and entries that reflect the latest determination of the TC.  Maybe that
won't actually be a problem.

Publishing a monthly update (reminds me of old Usenet list FAQ posts) on
odf-comment seems like a great idea.

 - Dennis

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Subject: Re: [office] Approach to Disposition of Comments and Defect Reports

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 12/08/2008 
11:22:35 AM:
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> 5. Disposition responses will indicate our initial categorization 
> and screening, so that the contributors can tell what action if any 
> is to be taken, and when they might see a result. 

All comments, whether from SC34 or from the public, should be recorded and 
classified.  The classification, whether editorial or technical, can 
sometimes be controversial.  So the classifications should be approved at 
the same time the proposed resolutions are approved by the TC.   The whole 
approved set of data (the defect, the classification, the proposed 
resolutions) we can call the proposed "Disposition of Comments" should 
posted at a fixed, publicly accessible URL.  We should put a link to that 
URL on the TC's home page.  We could also post a monthly reminder note to 
the comment list indicating this URL, as well as other administrivia 
regarding public comments, errata, etc.  Anyone who wants to know the 
status of a given comment can check the document at the given URL.

So it might look like this:

a) comments come in to comment list from wherever
b) someone (me?  you?) is assigned to transcribe the comments into the 
spreadsheet and record basic metadata, such as proposer, date, part and 
section numbers, etc.
c) We put on the TC agenda (as we have been doing) time to discuss and 
process new comments on the spreadsheet.  The TC would determine the 
classification and resolution, which would be recorded and published.

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