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Subject: Re: [office] Formal Request: ODF 1.2 Document Processing Model Proposal


My puppy woke me up (it is raining in Covington) so I decided to catch 
the early email. ;-)

This is an interesting proposal but I could not decide if you were 

1) A model and additional text about that model to be added to ODF 1.2 or

2) A model that would be used as a heuristic in evaluating the 
completeness/incompleteness of ODF more generally?

Moreover, I am not entirely sure that we need to go towards processing 
models, although they are a critical step in the chain of events that 
lead to a "document" in the sense of something that we view and share 
with others.

The reason why I make that last statement is that I prefer to think of 
ODF as a format that stores information that obviously has an implied 
model of a document, <text:h>, <text:p>, etc. but that does not require 
a particular processing model for the information so recorded. That is 
to say that I can certainly process an ODF document instance with XML 
tools, or I can use tools that are completely innocent of XML in terms 
of their processing of the document (a table based model, for example), 
so long as when they serialize a result to be saved, they do so in the 
correct ODF XML structure. And, of course, they honor the semantics that 
have been defined for some content in the ODF document.

Having said all that, obviously those sort of distinctions are easy to 
say in the abstract and hard to enforce in concrete cases.

Looking forward to hearing more about your proposal.

Hope you are having a great day!


Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I formally request consideration of the proposal "ODF 1.2 Document Processing Model" for ODF 1.2
> The new proposal document with an incomplete sketch is on the wiki at 
> http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/ODF_1.2_Document_Processing_Model
> my promise is to have this proposal complete enough on the Wiki to have serious discussion commence on the wiki by mid-January 2009.  It is my intention that work on this proposal could continue along with editorial work for review of the working drafts, resolution of editorial items, and review concerning applicability of public comments to earlier versions of ODF.  Whether the proposal can be treated in this manner can be determined as part of laying out the end-game beyond the completion of feature-related proposals.  Also, whether or not the proposal is enacted explicitly in the documents, its use as a working instrument for our determining that features have been specified completely enough.
> The brief description of the proposal is:
> "Reflect in the ODF 1.2 specification enough of a document model, its annotation and decoration, and the manipulation and processing of it  that the semantics for an ODF 1.2 document structure can be expressed.
> "Define the processing models and related decorations and annotations of the document model that are directed to particular processing  cases, such as document creation, visual presentation, final-form media presentation, interactive use, document manipulation, and  interactive manipulation."
> I think the purpose of this proposal is directly stated in the last item of the approach notes:
> I propose this sort of approach, even if articulated in a working agreement within the ODF-TC and not formally documented, as a  valuable tool for identifying questions that need to be answered in the ODF specification and then ensuring that the specification does  indeed provide answers to those questions.
>  - Dennis
> Dennis E. Hamilton
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Patrick Durusau
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