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Subject: RE: [office] Embedded Metadata in <office:document>

I want to look at this single topic: understanding how the metadata
extension can work as part of an <office:document> root element on an XML

1. I am not asking about whether other kinds of material are easily embedded
in an <office:document> single XML document.  My question is specifically
about the RDF metadata.  That is, is there a natural element for carrying
such elements, with no special encoding since there is a perfectly fine
XML-embedding of RDF, last time I checked.

2. Also, whether <office:document> is an uninteresting format compared to
the Zip package, it is specified as a legitimate OpenDocument Format
document representation.  In addition, <office:document> elements may appear
within <draw:object> and some other elements as some sort of embedding.  It
is also legitimate to include an <office:document> XML document by reference
from a <draw:object> and other elements.  I suppose that embeddings could be
accomplished by entity reference as well, provided that there was a way to
define entity references (and I've never seen anything that bans DOCTYPE
declarations on standalone <office:document> XML documents and on package
items such as content.xml).  [If I've missed that, please let me know where
it is in the specification.]

I am interested in whether or not RDF XML metadata should be specified to
have a place as elements, perhaps immediately in the <office:document>
content and preceding any other content, or just anywhere?

 - Dennis

SIDE NOTE: I don't want to discuss the general xml:id topic here, but I note
that there are some special cases that apply to <office:document> elements.
First, my understanding is that when an <office:document> appears as a
content element under an element such as <draw:object>, the rules for xml:id
apply to that element as just another element within the overall XML
document (e.g., a content.xml root-element XML document or a single-file or
package-item <office:document>).  I assume that is not the case when an
<office:document> XML document is linked into another document via
<draw:object> or other linkage.  I also presume that the components of a
global master document and the global master document itself are each
independent with respect to xml:id rules.  I am baffled about what the rule
should be for inclusions by entity-reference, if entity-reference is
possible at all. [I must re-read the xml:id 1.0 specification one more time
on that question.]

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From: Svante.Schubert@Sun.COM [mailto:Svante.Schubert@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 04:19
To: dennis.hamilton@acm.org
Cc: 'OASIS Office'; 'Michael Stahl'
Subject: Re: [office] Single ODF 1.2 metadata proposal

Hello Dennis,

thank you very much for your valuable feed-back.
Please find my answers below:

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
[ ... ]
> 3. Is there a way to have this proposal work with a single-file XML
> having <office:document> root element?  Does the embedded-within-the
> document case handle that.  That isn't clear to me.  It appears that the
> Content Metadata is constrained to appear on particular elements and not
> over the entire document the way a separate metadata RDF file would appear
> to be. 
Of course it is possible to move every single files of a package into a 
flat file, embedding all RDF/XML files into a single XML file.
AFAIK there is no generic way specified to move every file of a package 
into a single stream.
For instance dependent on the mime type every user data (e.g. RDF/XML) 
could be plain or BASE64 encoded embedded into a flat XML file.
Personally I do not like the flat XML file. The only usage of flat XML 
files I am aware of - the XSLT handling in OOo - I am about to adopt to 
work on the ODF package instead of the flat XML file. (Neglecting 
performance/memory annoying BASE64 encoding for images)
[ ... ]

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