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Subject: RE: ODF 1.2 RDF Metadata, xml:id, and ID deprecation - PROBLEM

Michael, that is wonderful news.

Then we need to ditch the strange language about matching up anim:id with any xml:id or anything else like that, since the anim:id is not of type ID and all we have to do is say its use is deprecated.  (We need to deprecate the places that refer to deprecated *:id attributes also, replacing any IDREFs with NCNames too, so a little care is still required.)

I will look more closely at all of this later this week.

 - Dennis 

PS: We have no need for the XHTML remedy around the HTML name attribute because we don't have the HTML problem that needed to be solved.  I'll get back on this.

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Subject: Re: ODF 1.2 RDF Metadata, xml:id, and ID deprecation - PROBLEM


On 01/11/09 23:05, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I recommend that this analysis be double-checked carefully.
> I believe there is a serious defect in the way xml:id is introduced in ODF 1.2 and in how other uses of attributes having ID type are being deprecated.
[ ... ]

This is correct, and this is exactly the reason why my proposal also 
changed the type of anim:id, etc. from ID to NCNAME. See


It states:

"The datatype of the following attributes will be changed to NCName:

anim:id (all occurrences)

draw:id, where listed above

text:id, where listed above

form:id (all occurrences)"

[ ... ]
>    1.5 The only language that I can find that proposes two attributes taking the same value, one of them being of type ID, is when the others are *not* of type ID.  [This, by the way, is a better way to deprecate those ID-valued attributes from ODF 1.1 so that they don't clash with use of xml:id -- change them to have values of type NCName rather than ID in a way that ODF 1.1 usage remains upward compatible but there is no collision with an xml:id on the same element.]  An example of such language is in [XHTML 1.0] section C8:
I think this is exactly what we did. Or what did I oversee?

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