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Subject: Re: [office] Empty text:span elements


please find my answer to RDF usage on text:span below.

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Thomas,
> I am not at all prepared to comment or speculate on something that an
> implementation might be doing, but it is clear from the precedent of XHTML,
> HTML, and the definition of ODF 1.1 that a <text:span /> tag is a text:span
> element having no content.  And, with or without content, it has no
> influence on content of the containing element that is not within the
> text:span element.
> PS: What thrills me about your note is that I am so unfamiliar with ODF
> details that I didn't know there was a text:span element at all.  Seeing
> that there is, I am now completely baffled why the RDF metadata proposal
> does not allow it for decoration of text with in-line RDF annotations in
> precisely the way that <span> is used in the RDFa extensions to XHTML.
> <text:span> is a wonderful feature for that, even though it is not as
> generously usable as in the HTML cases.  I had supposed that this simple,
> direct method for in-line annotation with metadata (a.k.a semantic markup)
> was not supported because there was no span element.  Fooled myself!
A text:span is a quite volatile element in ODF, the following is equivalent:

<text:span text:style-name="green">green</text:style-name>
<text:span text:style-name="red">red</text:style-name>
<text:span text:style-name="green">green</text:style-name>

<text:span text:style-name="green">green
<text:span text:style-name="red">red

With splitting&joining spans, the target of the RDF would be changing.
In case you want to add semantic to a text:span, we added a new element
called text:meta.

The text:span behavior is as well a problem for testing, when comparing
ODF documents [1].


I copied the example from my presentation "Improving ODF applications by
sharing tests"

(Just kidding - we have no fragment identifiers defined in ODF, please
go manually to slide 13)
Video: http://users2.ooodev.org/~ooocon2008/friday_1476.avi

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>  there is a
> <text:p text:style-name="P2"><text:span text:style-name="T1"/></text:p>
> where style "T1" sets the font size to 10pt.
> From the spec 1.2-draft7;
>   "The <text:span> element represents portions of text using a particular
>   style. The content of this element is the text which uses that text
> style."
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