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Subject: Continuing Work on the Public Comment Registry

I am claiming a check-out on Public Comment Register version 14 for creation of a version 15 update.

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-

The story so far ...

Most of the material in version 14 will remain intact.  The work on version 15 will involve using more-consistent categories for all of the N1078 Defect Report items that are now incorporated in the item.  You can review the original SC34 document at
<http://www.itscj.ipsj.or.jp/sc34/open/1078.htm>.  (Note that there is no JP2-19 defect item in that report.)

I will post a separate note on the proposed categories.

I may also add those items from N0942 that were addressed in the latest Errata but that do not appear on the Public Comment Register.  The purpose is to make it easier to search the Register for all items involving a particular section of the specification.

If you examine Public Comment Register 14 you will see that there is a second work-sheet inside of the single OO.o Calc 1.1 file.  The second one, with tab "N1078 only" duplicates only those N1078-identified items that appear on the main, "By Numbering" worksheet.

You will also see that there are now 320 items, representing addition of all previously-unregistered public comments from 2008-06-25 (an editorial one we missed) and 2008-09-30.  I passed over a few that were about our Errata process and the OASIS ODF 1.0 vs. IS 26300:2006 disconnect and that might be a mistake, since we will need to factor that in somehow, and this list is as good a place as any.

Finally, you will notice that I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the submitter if there is any question about whether this is something to go on the registry or not.  Although some discussion threads reach tentative conclusions on the comment list, I have not been thorough about looking into those.  I think that is better done as part of our joint review and more-detailed attention.

... to be continued.

 - Dennis

Dennis E. Hamilton
NuovoDoc: Design for Document System Interoperability 
mailto:Dennis.Hamilton@acm.org | gsm:+1-206.779.9430 
http://NuovoDoc.com http://ODMA.info/dev/ http://nfoWorks.org 

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