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Subject: Re: [office-comment] conformance proposal, remarks

Hi Bart,

thank you very much for your remarks.

On 01/17/09 00:56, Hanssens Bart wrote:
> Hi,
> having read the conformance proposal, 7th iteration, I do have a
> few remarks/suggestions:
> - I'd go for the single-conformance level (the alternative proposal),
> rather than having both a "conformance" and a "loosely conformance"
> level

That is my personal preference, too.
> (By the way, given the improvements on metadata and other areas in
> ODF 1.2, why not create just one single strict schema, instead of
> having both a "regular" and a "strict" schema ?

The work on the schema is not completed in this regard. If the TC agrees 
that we define only one conformance level, then a single schema in any 
case would be sufficient, and one of my next actions would be to prepare 

> Would people be missing features that can be expressed in ODF, but
> not in "strict" ODF ?)

No, they would not.
> - Producer, G.1.1: "shall not intentionally create any non-conforming
> OpenDocument document of any kind."
> Remove "intentionally", we're not investigating a murder here :-)
> Otherwise it suggests that is more or less OK if you accidentally
> create a non-conforming document...

To be honest, I have no clear opinion here. We initially did not have 
the "intentionally" in the sentence. I'm fine with having it in the 
sentence but also with omitting it.
> - "It may create documents that do not conform to this specification
> if and only if denotes these by a term that makes clear that these
> are not OpenDocument v1.2 documents."
> I'm a bit puzzled here...
> So in case of a word processor, that would translate to making a
> distinction between document types in the "save as..." dialog box,
> right ?
> Or is this about using the correct office:version and xmlns in the
> XML itself ?

Both. We actually have three cases. The one where an application 
additionally stores other (non-ODF) formats, the one where it 
additionally stores future and/or older ODF versions, and the one there 
it stores ODF with extensions. The first two are valid in any case. The 
third more or less equals the first one. If an application stores data 
in a format which is based on ODF but uses extensions which are outside 
the extension mechanisms that ODF has, then this formally is like 
storing it in any other format.

What we have to find is a language that makes it clear that all our 
conformance clauses apply to documents that are said to be OpenDocumenmt 
documents. If an application wants to save documents in other formats 
additionally, it must be permitted to do so. It only must not call these 
documents OpenDocument documents.

> (+ there seem to be some copy/paste glitches at the start of G 1.2)
> - Consumer P1.1: "It may be able to parse and interpret OpenDocument
> documents stored as single XML document."
> I would suggest to change this to "shall" (if a document is produced by
> a conforming producer, I'm expecting any conforming reader to be able
> to read it)

Well, supporting ODF that is not stored using a package is some 
overhead, and I doubt that any application that "supports" ODF has an 
interest in or benefit from implementing this variant. That's why its 
support is optional.

Best regards

> Best regards,
> Bart

Michael Brauer, Technical Architect Software Engineering
Sun Microsystems GmbH             Nagelsweg 55
D-20097 Hamburg, Germany          michael.brauer@sun.com
http://sun.com/staroffice         +49 40 23646 500

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