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Subject: RE: [office] ODF 1.2 Version Significance Proposal - ANOTHER UPDATE

As the result of the discussion in the 2009-01-19 coordination call, today, I have updated the Version Significance Proposal to include the caveats that we agreed to.  The new version is at <http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/ODF_1.2_Version_Significance>.

The current wikiText for the specific substitution is included here:

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
== Requested changes to the ODF Standard ==
1. This version of the proposal does not address the manifest:version attribute.  
   This will be dealt with separately.

2. This version will be reconciled with the final Conformance section as the 
   ODF 1.2 specification is pulled together. 

3. The use of the loose term "apparently ODF" will be revisited and clarified
   in some way, if that portion is retained.

4. There is a tacit assumption, in the notes and in the recommended optional 
   treatment of non-1.2 document as 1.2, that the breaking changes between 
   ODF 1.2 and earlier versions are explicitly known, at least in some non-
   normative guidance. 

Replace the text in section 18.588 of OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-13.odt with the following text -- ["orcmid"] [[DateTime(2009-01-12T18:16:27Z)]]):

=== 18.588 The office:version attribute ===
The office:version attribute identifies the version of ODF specification that defines the associated element, its schema, its complete content, and its interpretation.

The office:version attribute '''shall''' be present in each and every <office:document>, <office:document-content>, <office:document-styles>, <office:document-meta>, and <office:document-settings> element in the XML documents that comprise an ODF 1.2 document. The value of the office:version attribute '''shall''' be "1.2".

## The following two notes are indented without any bullets, to set off the boundary at which each note ends.
 . '''Note:''' Notwithstanding the occurrences of office:version="1.2", an ODF 1.2 document that relies solely on features of a previous ODF specification that are upward-compatible into ODF 1.2 can also be interpreted correctly under that earlier specification by taking the office:version attribute as everywhere omitted or as identifying that earlier version instead. See also Appendix H, Changes From Previous Specification Versions (Non-Normative).

 . '''Note:''' When an office:version-requiring element has office:version="1.1" the element and its content are based on the OpenDocument v1.1 specification [ODF11].  For office:version="1.0" the element and its content are based on the OpenDocument v1.0 specification [ODF10].  When an office:version-requiring element has office:version omitted, the element is based on a version of the OpenDocument specification earlier than ODF 1.2.  In these cases and in the case of values other than "1.2" for office:version, the elements do not comprise an ODF 1.2 document.

## The notion of apparent ODF document in the next sentence is too loose for the precision wanted here.
In any case where an apparent ODF document does not provide the office:version attributes and values required for ODF 1.2 documents, an ODF 1.2 implementation '''may''' process the document as if it is an ODF 1.2 document:
   * In doing so, the implementation '''should''' behave as if the requisite office:version="1.2" attributes are present. 
   * Any elements and attributes based on earlier versions of ODF for which the same-named ODF 1.2 features are incompatible '''need not''' be accepted.  If accepted, an ODF 1.2-incompatible feature '''should''' be cast into an equivalent but ODF 1.2-compatible form.    See Appendix H, Changes From Previous Specification Versions (Non-Normative), as well as previous specifications and any approved errata for them.
   * Any elements and attributes that are neither recognized, accepted, nor supported by the implementation, even though identified in XML namespaces defined for use in ODF 1.2 documents, '''should''' be treated in accordance with the rules for foreign elements and attributes (section 1.4). 
   * Subsequent processing '''should''' be as if the accepted document were exactly the ODF 1.2 document derived in this way. 

[''Note to Editor:'' These section numbers and (corrected) Appendix letters correspond to those of OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-13.odt and may need to be reviewed and adjusted to apply to subsequent drafts.]
== Schema changes/additions: ==
The current schema has office:version="1.2" be an office-document-common-attrs non-optional attribute with required value. This proposal makes no change to the schema.
	-	-	-	-	-	- 

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis E. Hamilton [mailto:dennis.hamilton@acm.org] 
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 10:24
To: Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM
Cc: 'ODF TC List'; 'Rob Weir'
Subject: RE: [office] ODF 1.2 Version Significance Proposal - LATEST UPDATE

This is the latest update to the ODF 1.2 Version Significance Proposal.  It reflects my response to Michael Brauer's January 12 comments and the discussion on the January 12 Coordination Call.  The text is also on the wiki at <http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/ODF_1.2_Version_Significance>.

The previous set of updates to this proposal is summarized at <http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200901/msg00082.html>.

It is also to be understood that material here may be deemed redundant and adjusted accordingly as ODF 1.2 Part 1 sections are reconciled for consistency in the editing for public review as a committee draft.

This proposed statement will be maintained on the wiki without change until approved or amended at the January 12 Coordination Call.

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