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Subject: Proposed text for ODF-Next "Call for Proposals"

The ODF-Next SC has been iterating on text for the call for proposals for 
ODF-Next.  We've also figured out how to automate the extraction of 
comments from the mailing list, so we're confident we can handle any 
volume we receive.

Here is the latest version of the text we have.   I'd like to see this 
approved by the TC and sent out ASAP.  If we can get this done now, there 
is a good chance that we'll get the bulk of the ODF-Next traffic (likely 
front-loaded) before we send the send ODF 1.2 out for public review. 

If there is time on today's TC call, I'd like to briefly discuss and see 
if the TC agrees that we can go forward with this.




"We have it in our power to begin the world over again"  -- Thomas Paine 
(Common Sense, 1776)

You are invited to help define the feature set of the next revision of 
OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF). Help us take "ODF-Next" to a higher stage 
of document evolution. Be creative.  Push the envelope.  Be provocative. 
Change the paradigm.  Start a revolution.. The only limits on our vision 
are our own.

The OASIS ODF TC has recently finalized the approval of technical 
proposals which will be included in ODF 1.2.  After these proposals are 
integrated into the ODF 1.2 draft, and remaining editorial tasks are 
completed, the draft specification will be sent on for Public Review, and 
then finally onto a ballot for approval as an OASIS Standard. 

Concurrent with these final stages of ODF 1.2 work -- which may take 
several months -- the ODF TC wishes to start a public conversation related 
to the technical contents of "ODF-Next", the provisional name for the next 
major version of ODF.   The ODF TC has created a subcommittee, the ODF 
Requirements Subcommittee, chaired by Bob Jolliffe 
<bobjolliffe@gmail.com>, in order to gather, categorize and prioritize 
proposals for ODF-Next, and to report back tot he ODF TC with 

The target for this report is May 1st, 2009.

We wish to now start gathering proposals now, from TC members, from the 
OASIS community, from ODF implementors, government, academia, and from the 
public at large.  What features should be added?  What capabilities do we 
need?  Where do we want to take ODF next?  We want you to think broadly 
and boldly on where we can take this standard in the next major revision.

Some things to keep in mind:

1) The more detail you can provide in the proposal, the better.  If a 
specific change is requested, please give section references relative to 
the ODF standard.

2) All proposals will need to be submitted to the ODF TC's public comment 
list according to the instructions here: 
Please indicate "ODF-Next" as part of the subject line of your post.

3) All proposals previously submitted to the ODF TC's public comment list 
will automatically be considered for ODF-Next.  So there is no need to 
resubmit an idea if it was already previously submitted.

4) For inclusion in the ODF-Next report, proposals must be received by 
March 31st, 2009.

We welcome and look forward to your contributions !


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