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Subject: Re: [office] Conformance Clause Proposal: Clarifications, Extension features

On Monday 9. February 2009 10:33:13 ext Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - 
Hamburg wrote:
> It has multiple times drawn a connection between foreign elements and
> customXML in the sense of OOXML. While allowing foreign elements and
> attributes would indeed permit embedding custom XML instances into an
> ODF document, I don't think that the current definition of foreign
> elements and attributes in ODF (1.1) is a proper definition of a
> customXML feature. For a customXML feature I would at least expect an
> identification mechanism, and more important, a list of those places
> where they can be actually embedded. Without that: How should an
> application know that some foreign elements are in fact custom schemas?
> Even an application that has such a feature implemented would not know
> whether or not a set of foreign elements is a custom schema, or any
> other data which another application has saved where. And how should one
> application implement a customXML feature that is compatible with the
> one of another application if it does not know where the other
> application support customXML and which of the XML elements and
> attributes are administrative data for the feature and those real custom
> data?

Loads of questions :)
I'm not sure what your opinion is on this as you didn't answer those questions 
here and thus I'm not sure if we agree or not.
Could you tell me what your opinion on the matter is?

I'm confused...

Thomas Zander

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