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Subject: Re: [office] Foreign attributes in <*-properties> elements

Hello Michael,

> So, this still would be my proposal. However, if I read the mails from
> Thomas Zander, it is not clear to me whether this extension mechanism
> alone would be sufficient for KOffice, or whether there are other
> extensions that are outside formatting properties. I would further like
> to point out that there still is a conformance mode that allows foreign
> elements and attributes anywhere, which as been renamed to "extended
> conformance", and that the case we are discussing here is just a special
> case of that conformance mode.

At the moment koffice also uses attributes with namespace koffice to define 
some extra information. These information are used to keep some additional 
information which are nice to have but not necessary to keep when a different 
office application saves the document again. So they do not change a way how 
the document looks when opened by a different application. One of those 
attributes is the koffice:nodeTypes that more closely define what kind of 
node a point in draw:path uses.

We use these to make it possible to save additional data that is not specified 
by the standard.

I agree with Rob here that it would be nice if these values could be kept if a 
different application loads and saves the document. For myself I is also fine 
if an application would strip these attributes.
One idea would be to define each foreign attribute and under which cases it 
can be preserved.

I hope that explains a bit more in what way koffice is using additional 


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