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Subject: Re: [office] Foreign attributes in <*-properties> elements

On Monday 16. February 2009 15:43:49 ext Thorsten Zachmann wrote:
> > Would you put [the retention of foreign attributes] requirement on 
> > all ODF applications? 
> No. I think it is ok for applications to strip all stuff it does not
> support during a load/save. That also happens in koffice.

At least the text module does do a valiant effort to maintain non-supported 
properties.  All ODF specified attributes are meant to get loaded and we 
store them in the document even if the renderer doesn't use them. Then on 
save they are written out again.

So round-tripping oo-writer docs in KOffice should in most cases be lossless 
once we get to the release, at least ;)
Thomas Zander

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