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Subject: Re: [office] The Rule of Least Power

Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 02/18/2009 06:06:44 AM:

> >
> > With ODF1.2 having been feature frozen for a year or so,
> except where the two leads deem it not to be so. They define frozen it
> would appear.

Dave, you misstate what has occurred.   Back in November we had a list of 
50 or so member proposals waiting discussion and approval according to a 
process approved by this TC.  Michael and I made clear the ramifications 
to the ODF 1.2 schedule if we processed all 50 proposals.  Based on that 
schedule analysis, the TC unanimously agreed to limit the number of 
additional member proposals we would consider for ODF 1.2, and further 
agreed to vote on which of those 50 proposals would be considered.  The 
TC, by their votes, selected 5 additional proposals to discuss and 
approve, and we were discussing and approving these proposals as recently 
as last month.  So the "feature freeze" is not the fiat of the Chairs.  It 
was at every step approved by the TC. 


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