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Subject: Re: [office] The Rule of Least Power

On Wednesday 18. February 2009 18:36:11 you wrote:
> 2009/2/18 Thomas Zander <T.Zander@nokia.com>:
> > On Wednesday 18. February 2009 12:06:44 ext Dave Pawson wrote:
> >> In which case I mis-interpreted your first mail, I took it to mean
> >> you wanted *all* ODF apps to save your extension data.
> >
> > Indeed, misinterpretation. Thanks for pointing out the confusion here.
> > I assume that the other points in your email are all cleared up with
> > this out of the way?
> Not really.
> With Robs 'version' of updates,  no Thomas.

Ehm, parse error. Sorry, I don't understand your answer here.
I'm not a native English speaker and it really doesn't hurt to use more 
words just to avoid confusion. Please state your point again :)

> Why didn't you submit your use case for the 1.2?
> That sounds like it would have resolved this issue?

I think you might want to go back and read the whole thread ;)
you are replying to one usecase that I picked out to state a point, I 
actually posted various other usecases as well in this thread earlier. 
Basides that, you seem to misunderstand the whole point of my post. So, 
please, do re-read the thread as this will likely clear up a lot :)
Your direct question above I wrote the answer in a reply to you already. 
Namely; we are feature frozen. Do you not agree that this is a good reason 
to not force it in ODF 1.2 ?  I'm not sure why you ask again.

Thomas Zander

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