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Subject: ISO/IEC 26300 maintenance protocols

There are the two documents which correspond to agenda item #4 for 
Monday's TC call.

A little background for those who are not familiar with the history of 

At the JTC1 Plenary in Nara, Japan last November, JTC1 passed a resolution 

"JTC 1 recognizes the timely response (JTC 1 N9398) from OASIS to the SC 
34 liaison statement (SC34 N1095/JTC 1 N9416), and thanks OASIS for the 
new draft errata to ODF 1.0. JTC 1 particularly welcomes OASIS's proposal 
to confer with JTC 1 and SC 34 to forge a genuine partnership for 
collaboratively handling the maintenance of ODF/IS 26300. JTC 1 requests 
SC 34 and OASIS to develop a document specifying the detailed operation of 
joint maintenance procedures, with a common goal of preparation of 
technically‐equivalent documents, and taking into account the 
requirements and constraints of both standards bodies. SC 34 is requested 
to consider this document at its March 2009 plenary and report the results 
to JTC 1 following this meeting."

The Chairman of JTC1/SC34, Dr. Sam Oh from Korea since has arranged a 
series of phone calls between OASIS and the SC34 leadership to discuss ODF 
maintenance procedures.  Jamie Clark, OASIS's Direct of Standards 
Development, Patrick Durusau, the Project Editor for ISO/IEC 26300, and I 
participated in these calls from the OASIS side.  Alex Brown, Francis 
Cave, Murata Makoto and Sam Oh participated from the SC34 side.

The attached documents represent our current consensus on the maintenance 
procedures.  These documents will be posted as part of the agenda for the 
upcoming JTC1/SC34 Plenary, which will be in Prague at the end of March. 
The OASIS Board of Directors will also be reviewing these documents. After 
approval by the SC34 Plenary, these procedures will constitute SC34's and 
OASIS's response to the JTC1 request and will be submitted for their 
review at the next JTC1 Plenary.

If any one on the TC has concerns related to these procedures, please 
speak up on the list or on Monday's meeting.  Since this document has 
already been handed off to SC34 NB's and the OASIS Board, any changes to 
it would require another round of reviews.  So I hope we can resist the 
temptation to wordsmith needlessly.  But if any member has a serious 
concern on a substantive issue, then let's raise them now. 

Also, if you have any questions, send them to the list and Patrick or I 
would be glad to answer them



maintenance_principles_08 (final).odt

maintenance_details (final).odt

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