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Subject: Discussions, comments, TC members, SC34 and the public

Evidently there is still some confusion on this topic, so let me lay it 
out as I see it.  Please let me know if there are any questions or 
concerns or disagreements regarding the following assertions. 

Once SC34 signs off of the maintenance procedures, I'd like us to adopt 
Standing Rules for the TC that formally codifies how we deal with 
comments.  Obviously we need to comply with OASIS process, but we are able 
to define a specific TC workflow that fits within those requirements.


1) Any member of the public, including SC34 members, are free to submit 
comments to the office-comment list at any time. 

2) Comments sent to the office-comment during public review periods will 
be acknowledged, recorded and disposed by the ODF TC, as required by OASIS 
TC Process 3.2.

3) Comments sent at any other time may be acknowledged, recorded and 
disposed by the ODF TC at our discretion.

4) SC34 as a committee may send formal comments, defect reports, etc. on 
ODF at any time.  These will be sent via the SC34 Liaison to the TC 
(Patrick) who will post these to the ODF TC's document repository.    Such 
communications will be processed by the ODF TC regardless of when they 
arrive, according to the maintenance agreement with SC34. 

5) Comments by individual SC34 members, on drafts, TC process, etc., and 
sent to the office-comment list, are no different than public comments, 
and will be treated according to 1-3 above.

6) The discussion and resolution of comments is the responsibility of the 
ODF TC and such discussions will occur on the ODF TC's mailing list and in 
ODF TC meetings.  Currently Rob owns the task of collecting comments and 
transcribing them to the Registry of Comments spreadsheet.

7) As we discuss comments in TC calls, we may delegate to a TC member 
further analysis of a comment, which may include communicating with the 
original comment submittor to clarify the comment.

8) Where an official response from the TC is required, such as during a 
public review period, or to an SC34 defect report, the decision will first 
be made by the TC in a meeting, the decision recorded in the minutes, and 
the results communicated by the Chairs or the SC34 Liaison to the 
office-comment list or SC34, respectively.

9)  Other OASIS venues for public discussions on ODF include the forums on 
OpenDocument,xml.org and the opendocument-users mailing list.  The public 
as well as ODF TC members may participate on these lists freely. 

10) The TC may request the creation of additional mailing lists for other 
purposes.  For example, we could ask for an opendocument-dev mailing list.

11) Note OASIS TC Process 2.8:  "Comments to the TC made by Members of the 
TC must be made via the TC general email list, and comments made by non-TC 
members, including from the public, must be made via the TC?s comment 
facility. Comments shall not be accepted via any other means."  So TC 
members should not be commenting, as individuals, on the office-comment 

12) The proper place for TC members to discuss ODF is the TC's office 
list.  Any member of the public is welcome to join the TC and receive the 
benefits of membership, including the ability to participate directly in 
such discussions.

13) TC members may be involved in various forms of external 
communications, via other mailing lists, blogs, contacts with the media, 
analysts, etc.  The key thing there is to respect the OASIS Media 
Relations Policy: 

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