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Subject: **** All ODF TC members please note **** Time to update the ODF 1.2Participants list

OASIS Technical Committee Process 2.18 says:

"A specification that is approved by the TC at any level must include a 
list of people who participated in the development of the specification. 
This list shall be initially compiled by the Chair, and any Member of the 
TC may add or remove their names from the list by request." 

I've created a draft of this list according to the current TC membership: 

Please review your entry and change it as desired.  If you cannot figure 
out the wiki, then send me a note with your requested change and I will do 
the update for you.

I intend to move this updated participant list into the ODF draft on 13 
March. It will be appreciated if you will enter any required changes to 
the wiki before then.



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