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Subject: RE: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.2-committeeDraft-01 -- Schemas?

I just uploaded the PDF version.  This is the same file that was given to 

 Michael should upload the corresponding schemas.

Feel free to discuss the HTML version in the meeting tomorrow.  I 
certainly would like to hear what the recommended process for doing it is. 
 Are we just exporting from OpenOffice?  Or is there some additional 
processing/massaging of the HTML that is done before posting?  Since in 
general you cannot losslessly map from ODF to HTML, I find this OASIS 
requirement problematic.  It is essentially requiring us to produce a 
version of the standard that will differ in unknown ways from the ODF 
version, ways that may or may not be substantial.  Unless someone is 
willing to do a page-by-page comparison of all 792 pages, I would not 
touch the HTML version for any serious purpose. 

Fortunately, OASIS allows us to name one of the three formats as the 
authoritative version, and in the past (such as with the recently 
published Approved Errata) we have declared the PDF version to be the 
authoritative version.


Doug Mahugh <Doug.Mahugh@microsoft.com> wrote on 03/15/2009 08:06:41 PM:
> Rob/Michael/Patrick,
> Has any progress been made on getting the HTML/PDF versions of 
> Committee Draft 01 published as Mary had described below?  Perhaps 
> we can discuss this on the call tomorrow.

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