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Subject: Re: [office] Metadata Fields

hi Patrick,

On 14/04/2009 14:07, Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Michael,
> Michael Stahl wrote:
>> hi Patrick,
>> On 14/04/2009 02:36, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>> Greetings!
>>> A new issue that I had not previously noted.
>>> 6.5.1 – 6.5.19, inclusive. All the text in these sections refer to a 
>>> “document.” However, note that all these elements are children of 
>>> |<text:a>| 5.1.4, |<text:h>| 4.1.1, |<text:meta>| 5.1.5, 
>>> |<text:meta-field>| 6.5.19, |<text:p>| 4.1.2, |<text:ruby-base>| 
>>> 5.4.1 and |<text:span>| 5.1.3 elements. None of which represent 
>>> documents.
>> Yes, these field elements refer to the document that is being edited. 
>> Specifically, their  contents come from the similarly-named elements 
>> in "meta.xml".
> Well, but the problem is that we don't make that relationship explicit.

ah, ok, that is indeed a problem.

> After reading your response I found the following language from ODF 1.1 
> (Section 6.4):
>> Metadata fields display meta information about the document, such as, 
>> the document creation date or the time at which the document was last 
>> printed. The names of the metadata field elements correspond to the 
>> metadata elements described in Chapter 3.
> Saying that the names of field elements "correspond" to metadata 
> elements described in another location seems inadequate to specify the 
> relationship you suggest.
> For example, instead of:
>> <text:initial-creator> This element represents the name of the author 
>> who created the original document.
> One expects:
> *****
> The <text:initial-creator> element represents a field displays the name 
> of the author who created the original document as specified by the 
> <meta:initial-creator> element. <ref>
> *****
> The problem is that we didn't say the second one but it was understood 
> by some who read the standard. Although all standards do it imperfectly, 
> the goal is to have one *common* reading of the standard. Implied 
> relationships based upon similarity of names doesn't further than goal.

yes, that is definitely an improvement.

> However,
> Does anyone disagree with Michael Stahl evaluation of this issue?
> If not, I will be reforming the prose in the sections I mentioned to 
> make the relationships between fields and <meta:*> elements explicit, 
> largely along the lines you see above.
> Hope you are having a great day!
> Patrick

regards, michael

PS: i've discussed the plethora of author fields with Oliver Specht, and 
we found out that <text:author-name> and <text:author-initials> are 
somewhat redundant. in the OOo Writer implementation, 
<text:author-initials> is exactly the same as <text:sender-initials>, and 
<text:author-name> corresponds to <text:sender-firstname> followed by 

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