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Subject: Re: [office] <number:embedded-text>


On 04/15/09 09:40, Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Michael,
> Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:
>> Patrick,
>> I'm not sure if I do understand what the question is. Is it what the 
>> difference between <number:grouping> and <number:embedded-text> is?
> Yes.
>> If so: <number:grouping> specifies a text that is used to insert 
>> grouping characters into a a formatted number. For instance, if you 
>> specify <number:grouping>,</number:grouping>, and the number that is 
>> formatted is 1000000, the the result is "1,000,000". Please note that 
>> the "," character has been inserted two times even though there is 
>> only a single <number:grouping> element.
> Good example.

But unfortunately a slightly wrong one. I have just noticed that 
"number:grouping" is an attribute rather than an element (this is 
described correctly in the specification - I only did not read deep 
enough). It is a Boolean attribute that just says whether grouping is 
enabled or not. What character is used as grouping character and how 
often it is inserted is locale dependent.

> How does "<number:grouping>,</number:grouping>" specify the grouping you 
> indicate? In other words, it specifies the "," separator but what 
> specifies its use? I am assuming there are other "groupings" that a user 
> could want to specify.
>> In contrast, <number:embedded-text> just specifies a text that is 
>> inserted a single time into the formatted number. It can be used for 
>> instance to add an "cm" to a formatted number.
> Well, but we say that there can be several <number:embedded-text> 
> elements to describe text at several locations in a number.

My example wasn't a good one. One probably would use a <number:text> 
element to add fixed text behind a number. <number:embedded-text> is 
used to insert text into a number.

The position where the text is inserted is specified by the 
number:position attribute.
> Is one difference that <number:grouping> specifies the "same" character 
> (modulo my question about placement) and that <number:embedded-text> 
> could insert different text at each location?

Yes, this is one difference.

> Hope you are having a great day!
> Patrick
>> Michael
>> On 04/14/09 17:46, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>> Greetings!
>>> We say:
>>>> The |<number:embedded-text>| element specifies text that is 
>>>> displayed at one specific position within a number.
>>> My note:
>>>> Ed. Note: I removed the observation that this element is different 
>>>> from <number:grouping> on the basis of “so what?” Lots of elements 
>>>> are different from others, why mention that here? If there is a good 
>>>> reason, let's say that instead.
>>> For your reference, note the prior text from draft 6 for this element:
>>>> The |<number:embedded-text>| element specifies text that is 
>>>> displayed at one specific position within a number. This element is 
>>>> different from a grouping separator, which appears several times 
>>>> within a number.
>>>> This element is contained in the |<number:number>| element. The 
>>>> |<number:number>| element can contain multiple occurrences of the 
>>>> |<number:embedded-text>| element to describe text at different 
>>>> positions in the number.
>>> Now, I may be wrong but "appears several times within a number" and 
>>> "describe text at different positions in the number" don't look very 
>>> different to me.
>>> Is there something else that is happening that requires both 
>>> <number:embedded-text> and <number:grouping>? There may be some very 
>>> compelling difference but I don't think we have said it, yet.
>>> Hope everyone is having a great day!
>>> Patrick
>>> PS: Remember to make real progress we are going to need to discuss 
>>> these issues via email so I can post a summary of conclusions for 
>>> approval at our TC meetings each week.

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