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Subject: ODF TC Liaisons

OASIS has a defined Liaison Policy that describes how OASIS TC's may 
appoint liaisons to other technical committees and working groups.  The 
appointment of a liaison requires a vote of the TC, notification of OASIS 
Management, and listing on the TC's home page.  Full details are here:  

We've talked about this before, but never followed through on the vote. It 
is time to move this along.  I'd like to formalize the informal liaisons 
relationships that we already have.  These are typically based on a TC 
member having membership in multiple committees and agreeing to represent 
the TC to the other organization, in matters of mutual interest.  To be 
useful, a liaison should commit to regular attendance in both committees. 
A TC liaison cannot officially speak for or obligate OASIS, but can help 
with technical coordination and information sharing.

The places where I know we have overlapping memberships today include:

1) OASIS ODF Adoption TC (Rob, Michael, Peter, Don)

2) OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC (Rob, Michael, Dennis)

3) JTC1/SC34 (Patrick, Rob, Doug, Stephen, Florian)

4) Ecma TC45 (Doug, Florian, Stephen)

5) JTC1/SC34/WG5 "Document Interoperability" (unknown, presumably Doug, 
Stephen and Florian).

6) JTC1/SC34/Ad Hoc Group 3 "Maintenance of ISO/IEC 26300" (unknown, since 
it was just formed, but anyone already a SC34 member may join, subject to 
their NB's approval)

Any others we care about?  Anything is the W3C we need to coordinate with? 
 RDFa? SVG?  XForms?

So two questions for the TC:

A) Which of these committees warrant the appointment of a liaison?

B) Who should the liaisons be?

I'll take any self-nominations to be an sufficient response to both 
questions and put any such nomination on the agenda of an upcoming call 
for vote. 


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