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Subject: Typos in ODF1.2 CD1 rev06

17.15.1 <chart:chart>, <chart:series>

several instances of 'cartesian' should be upper case as it is a proper
name. This seems to be OK for other occurrences in the draft.

(item stock)

... cartesian coordinate *system.The accesssory* x-coordinates ...
- blank missing behind stop
- accesssory has one 's' too much

Best regards,

Peter Junge
Open Source Strategy Director

Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software Co., Ltd.
Building No.2, Block A, Huilongsen, 18 Xihuan Nanlu
Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
100176 Beijing - P.R.China


电话/Tel: +86-10-51570010 ext.6183
邮箱/e-mail: peterjunge@RedOffice.com

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