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Subject: Named Expressions

I have some questions regarding 8.5.5 Named Expressions (in v1.1),
specifically the subsection on "Named Expression". Let me refer to the
example given there:

    <table:named-range table:name="sample1"
    <table:named-range table:name="sample2"
        table:area-type="print-range filter"/>
    <table:named-expression table:name="sample3"

1) The expression specifically does not include a namespace prefix. So
in which name space is this expression to be interpreted. Should we
assume that the expression is literally include in formula that uses
this named expression and so is interpreted in that namespace? Since we
can have formulas with different name spaces in the same document does
this mean that this expression could be interpreted in various ways
depending on the formula it happens to be refered from?

2) Why does the standard require that 
"If the expression contains a relative cell range address, the
table:base-cell-address attribute must exist additionally. It specifies
the base cell address for the cell range. This address must be
How does one then distinguish between an expression to be interpreted
relative to the cell where it is used and one to be interpreted relative
to the base address given? For example how would one describe a named
expression that stands for "the 8 cells surrounding the current cell"?


Andreas J. Guelzow
Concordia University College of Alberta

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