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Subject: RE: [office] The Phantom Proposals

Doug, I never said your blog post was inappropriate or inaccurate.  I said 
that I am hearing and reading that this TC voted down "Microsoft's 15 
interoperability proposals", and that "IBM and Sun" ganged up on Microsoft 
to do that.  One person in particular told me he got this information from 
you.  I am being generous and open minded here and taking the least 
cynical view possible in suggesting that your blog post may have been 
misinterpreted.    This is probably just a simple misunderstanding.  I'm 
happy to leave it at that.

I've clarified the record here today and made sure OASIS knows that there 
are some factually incorrect representations being made about OASIS and 
the ODF TC's work. 



Doug Mahugh <Doug.Mahugh@microsoft.com> wrote on 05/19/2009 05:33:43 PM:

> Rob,
> I'm having a hard time understanding how that blog post leads you to
> make these claim below that "statements are being made, and actions 
> attributed to members of this which are false, misleading and 
> reflect poorly on OASIS, this TC, our work and our decision making 

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