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Subject: Re: [office] JIRA Work Flow Proposal, was Re: [office] All done


The proposed flow looks good to me but I have a fairly practical question:

If I mark a comment as "applied," I would expect users to think if they 
look at the current working draft, the comment *has been* applied. That 
is that the current working draft is in synch with the status as 
reflected in JIRA.

Would anyone object to my simply updating the status of comments in JIRA 
and then posting a working draft later the same day? Such that any 
comment marked "applied" will be reflected in a draft dated for the same 

Granted in my working copy I may be updating comments, particularly 
those that apply to several areas over a period of days but I will only 
update the status in JIRA on one day and post that draft later the same day.

Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Hope everyone is either enjoying now or looking forward to a great weekend!


Michael Brauer - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:
> To get an understanding what the work flow in JIRA for these issues
> could be now, I've started to add the comments and proposed resolution
> that I have forwarded as documents previously to the items. I have
> entered the proposed resolutions into the "proposal" field. To be able
> to differ between those item where we have a proposed resolution and
> those where we have none, I've set the status of those items where we
> have a proposed resolution to "Resolved". This is the 3rd status in the
> chain "New" -> "Open" -> "Resolved" -> "Applied" -> "Closed".
> My proposal how we proceed is:
> Whoever has time and and interest may comment on an item, and may
> provide a resolution. This resolution is recorded in the "proposal"
> field. If a proposal for a resolution does exist, the proposer of the
> resolution sets the status of the issue to "resolved".
> Patrick (or myself if an issue affects the schema) takes the issues
> whose status is "resolved" and applies the proposed resolution to the
> specification text. He then sets the status to "Applied".
> The changes to the specification still will be recorded. We continue to
> have a week for TC internal reviews of drafts before we vote on them in
> a TC meeting, or we conduct electronic ballots for committee drafts, 
> that run at least a week anyway, so that there is the same time 
> available for a review.
> TC members therefore have the choice to either watch the items in JIRA,
> or to just review the changes in the next draft. The approval of a
> resolution takes place with the approval of a committee draft. This
> means that nothing that we do in JIRA implies any kind of approval by
> the TC, and that it is not required to watch the changes in JIRA to
> figure out what changes are made in a draft.
> When a draft has been approved as committee draft, all issues applied to
> that draft are closed (unless someone has objected to a particular
> resolution).
> I have created two new filters:
> "Open 1.2 Editorial Notes" lists those items whose title starts with
> "Editorial Notes" and that are open. This filter may be used to find all
> issues for which no resolution does exist yet.
> "Resolved, unapplied 1.2 Editorial Notes" lists those items for which a
> resolution has been proposed, and whose status is "resolved". This
> filter is useful if you want to review proposed resolution, but also
> useful for Patrick to find the items that may be ready to be applied 
> to the specification.
> Best regards
> Michael
> On 05/28/09 20:05, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
>> You probably want to delete all of those 260+ notifications from 
>> JIRA. These was a one-time port of Patrick's remaining editor notes. 
>> They've been entered, opened, and assigned to Patrick.  This will 
>> make it easier to track these items going forward.
>> Regards,
>> -Rob
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Patrick Durusau
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