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Subject: Moving ODF 1.0 Errata 01 forward in SC34?

Hi Patrick,

Any idea on the next steps with ODF 1.0 Errata 01?  Since we completed 
this Approved Errata back last November, there has been complete silence 
on it in SC34.  It has not even made it onto an SC34 or WG agenda.   Do we 
need to do something to get this moving? 

Since OASIS is only a liaison we do not have the ability to initiate a New 
Work Item in SC34.  But the new ad-hoc on ODF Maintenance they are 
creating doesn't meet until mid September. Is there a way we can get the 
Errata moving along sooner in a way that respects both the urgency 
expressed by SC34 when they originally submitted their defect report, as 
well as our recently agreed to maintenance procedures that calls for SC34 
to keep ISO/IEC 26300 in synch with OASIS ODF. 

Could you bring this up with SC34 leadership and report back on what their 
recommended next steps are?



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