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Subject: TC Liaison with JTC1/SC34

Dear OpenDocument TC members:

There are two opportunities for collaboration with the JTC1/SC34 
panel assigned to work with us on current and future versions of the 
ISO/IEC 26300 version of ODF.

As you know, OASIS and JTC1 have discussed ways to cooperate more 
systematically on maintenance of standards that have been approved 
by both organizations.  Our OASIS Board of Directors has just 
approved amendments to our Liaison Policy, to specifically address 
post-approval maintenance.  I expect that we will discuss the 
methodology for future maintenance shortly, as well.  However, this 
message is about creating liaisons.

The OASIS Liaison Policy allows your TC to appoint persons to liaise 
directly with other relevant standards bodies, like SC34.  OASIS 
already has several such permanent liaison positions, and several of 
you also happen to hold seats on SC34..

In addition, SC34 has just announced a new OpenDocument-specific "Ad 
Hoc WG on ISO/IEC 26300 Maintenance".  See 

If the TC wishes, it would be appropriate for you to designate OASIS 
TC members willing to serve as a bridge on this panel as well.  As 
you can see from the announcement, the working group expects to meet 
in Seattle.  (It's likely that one of us from OASIS will attend as 

Would the TC like to designate some TC member(s) as its 
representative(s)?  You could do so by a simple resolution at your 
next meeting.  If so, we will pass along the names together, as 
OASIS' nominees to the SC34 WG.  I'd ask that if there are multiple 
designees, the TC name one as primary, for ease of coordination.

(Those persons would be subject to our Liaison Policy, which puts 
some limits on what a TC liaison can do -- for example, they can't 
act to commit the TC or OASIS to anything.  See 
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/liaison_policy.php#tcliaison )

Also, if the TC has any views of the scope or plan of the WG, we'd 
like to share those with SC34 at the same time.  So please pass 
those along as well.  I will attend your next meeting on Monday, to 
be available for any discussion of the issue.

A second opportunity may occur, if JTC1/SC34 wishes to do the 
reverse.  Earlier this year, SC34 members expressed interest in 
"embedding" an SC34 member in the TC as an active observer.  (Likely 
someone who is not already independently a TC member.)  Our Liaison 
Policy also permits that, if the circumstances are appropriate, by 
having them join OASIS for that purpose and contribute actively to 
the TC.  We wish to encourage this, and also will follow up with 
SC34 on that possibility.

I will plan to attend the next ODF TC meeting to answer questions if 
you like.  Kind regards  JBC

Jamie Clark

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