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Subject: Re: [office] Custom display names in data pilot tables

Hi Rob,

On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 21:13 -0400, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Hi Kohei,
> Thanks for sending this proposal along.  As you said, "lots of things have 
> changed" on the TC.  Let me quickly bring you up to speed on where we are 
> with ODF 1.2.
> Last November we asked had a "last call" for ODF 1.2 feature proposals, 
> and asked TC members to make any remaining proposals.  We then went 
> through those proposals in December and January, refining some of them 
> while deferring others to the next release, "ODF-Next".  Patrick then 
> integrated all of the new proposals into the draft, which we approved as a 
> Committee Draft earlier in the spring.  Since then we have been working on 
> resolving defects reported via the public comment list and doing the final 
> editorial touches.  We're very close to having ODF 1.2 ready for public 
> review.
> So, although I won't say that we absolutely, positively cannot accept any 
> new proposals at this point, I do think that there would need to be a very 
> good argument for adding a new feature now, and a very high degree of 
> consensus on the TC that we should introduce such a new feature.  And I'd 
> certainly be afraid that if we open it up for new features, we'll find 
> that almost every TC member has something they want to add in as well. And 
> then we'll never end.

Ok, fair argument.  I was actually not looking for getting my proposal
integrated for 1.2, as I was fully aware that we had already closed
doors on new features for 1.2 back in November.  What I was looking for
was to have it go through a review process and get TC's blessing, so
that it could make it into the next ODF revision after 1.2.

> So would it be possible to add your proposal to the list of features for 
> ODF-Next?  The hope is that after the redfrafting of ODF 1.2 is done, 
> which has had a rather long development cycle, we can produce future 
> reversions more easily and at more frequent intervals.

Yes, this would be possible.  Thanks for getting me up to speed on this.

> If you can do this, you would add the proposal to JIRA and set the "fix 
> version" field to ODF-Next.

Ok.  I'll see if I can get necessary permission to become a JIRA editor,
then I'll add my proposal there with ODF-Next as the target.

Thanks again!


Kohei Yoshida - OpenOffice.org Engineer - Novell, Inc.

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