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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-09-21

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-09-21

* Begin 10:03 EDT

* Rollcall

Bob Jolliffe
+David Wheeler
+Dennis Hamilton
+Donald Harbison
+Eike Rathke
+Eric Patterson
+Jomar Silva
+John Tolbert
+Michael Brauer
+MingFei Jia
+Patrick Strader
+Peter Junge
+Rob Weir (presiding)
Thorsten Behrens

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name. 

- 12 of 15 voting members (80%) were in attendance, so quorum requirements 

were met.

* Membership notes:

- Bob Jolliffe gains voting rights after this meeting
- Welcome to new member, Thorsten Berhens from Novell in Hamburg

* Posted agenda [1] was approved by unanimous consent

* Minutes of the 31 August meeting [2] were approved by unanimous consent.

* Rob and Dennis reported on the recent meeting of JTC1/SC34 Ad Hoc Group 
3 on maintenance of ISO/IEC 26300

- We should expect that SC34 will go forward now to process ODF 1.0 
Approved Errata 01
- We should expect some comments to be sent, via Patrick Durusau, on our 
draft Errata 02
- SC34 will request that we submit ODF 1.1 in a form where it can be 
processed as an amendment of ODF 1.0

- Possibility that the TC could decide to create a "Maintenance SC" to 
work on these activities.

* Discussion on OFFICE-1427 "blinking text".  Since Oliver requested 
discussion on this we'll bring it up again if he still has questions.

* The TC reviewed the ODF 1.2 status

- Michael observed that Part I was down to 110 unresolved issues
- OpenFormula continues to work toward a Committee Draft
- Dennis is currently reviewing the Packaging part

- Dennis raised the issue of our use of the ZIP specification from PkWare 
and whether we needed to profile that specification.

Adjourned 10:51 EDT

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200909/msg00129.html
[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200909/msg00041.html

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