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Subject: Proposal for new Standing Rule regarding Electronic Ballots

OASIS TC Process 2.13 states:

"Electronic Voting: TCs may conduct electronic ballots, either by using 
the TC’s general mail list or the publicly archived electronic voting 
functionality provided by OASIS. The minimum period allowed for electronic 
voting shall be seven days; the TC may specify a longer voting period for 
a particular electronic ballot. Any Specification Ballot conducted as an 
electronic ballot must permit each voter to choose "yes", "no" or 
A motion to open an electronic ballot must be made in a TC meeting unless 
the TC has adopted a standing rule to allow this motion to be made on the 
TC’s general email list. When such a rule has been adopted, motions made 
on the mail list must also be seconded and discussed on that list."
I'd like to introduce a new standing rule to permit motions to open an 
electronic ballot to be made and seconded on this TC list.  This will 
ensure that we are able to move ODF 1.2 drafts, Errata drafts, etc. 
through the required process, even if TC meetings are canceled due to 
holidays or conferences.
My proposed Standing Rule is:
"In accordance with OASIS Technical Committee Process 2.13, the OASIS ODF 
TC will allow motions to open electronic ballots to be made, seconded and 
discussed on the TC's mailing list".
Adopting a new Standing Rule requires a Full Majority Vote.  I'm hoping to 
bring this up for a vote on Monday's TC call.  Please think it over and 
share your thoughts on on the list.

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