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Subject: Deferred 1.2 proposals and ODF-Next

I'm trying to create a comprehensive list of ODF-Next proposals.  I will 
have a presentation on that topic at the OpenOffice.org conference.

Along with all of the public comment that were assigned to ODF-Next, I 
want to include all TC member proposals that were deferred as well.  I'm 
trying to determine exactly what features were deferred and which ones 
were acted on in ODF 1.2.

As you know, before we had JIRA, we tracked proposals on our Wiki here:  

However, we never went back to that list of 47 ODF 1.2 proposals and 
marked which ones were resolved in 1.2 and which ones were deferred. 

Does anyone have a list of which of these 47 proposals were actually 
included in ODF 1.2?    If we can identify which ones remain, I can enter 
those into JIRA assigned to ODF-Next.



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